Garden Update #1: Transplanting & Watering

Hello everybody and thank you tuning in! This year i will be documenting the progress of my garden, i hope everyone enjoys this series! Feel free to comment if you have any questions, or any recommendations on wha else to include in this series.


The soil in the garden is very interesting, if i could have done it differently i might have. But, the garden was already there with the house, so its all i have the chance to do is amend it with different kinds of nutrients and maybe top dress with different soil types, then till it into the already present soil. So far, all i have had the chance to do is amend the soil with dry nutrients. The soil is very “airy”, this is caused by the soil being thinner and also having gravel in it. At some point, it was amended with compost and possibly some sort of bone meal. Large pieces of bone can be found when digging and tilling around.


I have decided to grow some standard veggies along with some, strange, yet very tasty fruit and some flowers for cutting. Here is the “master list” of everything that will be grown in the garden this year. Not everything can be seen from the picture in this post because not everything has been planted yet! Tomatoes, orange sunflowers, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, strawberries, green beans, bell peppers and  A LOT of cutting flowers. I did not raise any of these plants from seed, they were all purchased already started and thriving. A farmer that lives close to me grows seedlings and sells them, the genetics and products of his seedlings are incredible, so i decided to give them a shot this year. But, one thing i did not like about the seedlings was how root bound they were when i was transplanting. I had to bust the roots up pretty good before transplanting them. This will for sure make the new environment harder for the first couple weeks, but in the “nutrients” section i explain a tea i used to help reduce the stress.

Here we can see a couple rows I planted. The row on the left are orange sunflowers, and the row on the right are the slicing tomatoes, in the next update they will be staked. I don’t believe the sunflowers need to be staked, any thoughts on this? Let me know if the comments!


I did amend the soil with some basic nutrients, but i did not till these nutrients in, i left them almost as a top dressing. After tilling the soil i spread a layer of Mexican bat guano first and then spread a layer of worm castings over the guano. Then, i lightly mixed these two amendments together just with the tips of my fingers. I also used a quick and easy corn sprout tea, go ahead and click that link if you would like to learn how to make this corn sprout tea. If you are growing tomatoes, this is a MUST. When you transplant your tomatoes, the enzymes provided by the corn sprout tea will reduce the shock the plant experiences (allowing for bigger fruits or vegetables much quicker). Also, this is extremely organic, which is exactly what were looking for!

This will be it for now, i will be back next week with another update on the garden. It should be exciting so stay tuned! The cucumbers are going in along with some flowers!!

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