A Comprehensive Review Of The Black Captain Twin Bookcase Bed

As a parent, you will have an abundance of options when it comes to choosing a bed for your child. This can make the decision process very difficult. You’ll want to consider safety, durability, comfort, and overall value. Very few beds are capable of excelling in each and every one of these categories. The Black Captain Twin Bookcase Bed is truly a rarity, since it is nearly perfect in all key areas. The bed will provide your child with a wealth of comfort, when it is accompanied with the appropriate mattress.

The Black Captain Bed also offers a wealth of functionality and versatility. It doubles as two beds, while simultaneously offering an abundance of storage space. These features will be explored in greater detail below.

A True Safe Spacer

All children will need at least two or three pieces of furniture. They’ll need a comfortable bed and a good dresser. This will provide them with a safe place to sleep and plenty of storage for their clothing. The Black Captain Twin Bed is capable of serving both purposes, while saving a substantial amount of space. In total, the bed measures in at 89 by 44 by 50 inches. At the same time, the product goes well beyond just an ordinary bed. When looking at the bigger picture, you will quickly discover that this product is capable of doubling as dual beds and a dresser drawers.

And, you should not forget the handy bookcase. Therefore, the bed basically compiles three or four pieces of furniture into a singular, more convenient package. This makes it possible to accommodate your child’s needs with a single product and a single purchase. And finally, this will help to keep your child’s room well organized and uncluttered.

A Beautiful Finish

When it comes to the Black Captain Twin Bed, you will have very few options. In fact, the bed is only available in a single style. Nonetheless, the black finish is totally beautiful. It is also important to remember that the color black is generally very versatile and will be able to mesh together well with almost all colors and styles. The bed’s shiny black finish is gorgeous and will ultimately maintain its radiance for many years to come.

In fact, the bed is capable of withstanding a great deal of abuse. No matter how rough your child is, you can rest assured knowing the bed will remain beautiful for the long run.

Total Durable

Parents need to understand that the Black Captain Twin Bed is manufactured from solid wood. This helps to greatly enhance the overall longevity and durability of the product. Each component of the bed is manufactured with precision craftsmanship and with an emphasis on durability. The slats for both beds are made with thick wood, which will support your child’s weight easily. This specific bed is capable of serving your child throughout their entire youth.

In all likelihood, you’ll only need to replace the bed, after it has been outgrown. And, you may even be able to donate it to a friend or family member. As long as the bed is properly maintained, it will truly last that long! You will ultimately get your money’s worth and then some from this specific product.

Additional Storage Spaces

When couples have children, they immediately begin showering it with lots of clothing and toys. Over time, the child will have so many goodies that it will be nearly impossible to store all of them in their bedroom. Basically, children can never have enough space, but with the Furniture4You Captain Bookcase Bed, parents will receive additional storage spaces for their child’s accessories.

The headboard is embedded with 6 shelves, which is perfect for storing photo frames, clocks, electronics and books, along with the TV remote. Additional items can also be placed on top of the headboard, since it is fairly wide. The bed is designed to allow for a thick mattress, without limiting access to the lower shelf on the headboard. The height of the headboard is 50 inches, which is fairly general with Captains beds.

There are also three standard sized drawers located underneath the hidden trundle. The drawers are equipped with high-quality metal guides to prevent off track mishaps. The drawers are large enough to hold a significant amount of attire, with a little extra space for a small blanket or pillow. For more convenience, the drawers can be configured on both the right and left side of the bed. This design is great for bedrooms, with limited space.

Black captains bed

Assembly Process

Many times, consumers invest in furniture to only discover that it included a hard-to-understand instructional guide. This will not be an issue with the Furniture4You Captain Bookcase Bed, because it comes with a step-by-step instructional booklet that will guide you through each step of the process. However, the assembly may require a two-person team, since there are so many components and pieces to assemble together.

All of the pieces are shipped inside a large box, so it can easily be transported anywhere in the home, even upstairs with ease. This model is the perfect bed for any small child or adolescent. It comes with everything you need to start the assembly process right out of the box. Once the bed is assembled, your child will immediately fall in love with it. The beautiful black satin finish will envelop into any existing décor, without issue.


  • Doubles as two beds
  • Offers three drawers for storage
  • Solid wood construction for added durability
  • Capable of lasting for your child’s youth
  • Bookcase offers space for your child’s toys and books
  • Assembly process couldn’t be easier
  • Excellent overall value


  • Bed is a little high
  • Drawers could be improved


Overall Assessment

All in all, there is a lot to like about the Black Captain Bed. The product is enormously durable and will certainly provide your child with many years of comfort. The amount of storage space provided is also plentiful. If you have two young children, this bed will prove to be a great investment. Despite a few minor cons, it is undeniably well worth the price.

This is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be the focal point to any room! Click here to read the reviews and purchase this captains bed!

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