An In-Depth Review Of The Discovery World Furniture Twin Captains Bed Bookcase

Attempting to find the best bed for your precious child can be surprisingly much more difficult than you could ever imagine. Of course, if you wish to skip the hassle, you could take the time to check out the Discovery World Furniture Twin Captains Bed. This product features a beautiful honey finish and a wealth of functionality. And of course, you should realize that this bed comes with a variety of accessories. Once you’ve made the investment, your child’s room will be filled with furniture and you will not need to purchase anything else.

What makes this bed so great? You’ll find out below.

An Abundance Of Storage Choices

All children will need a sufficient amount of storage space for all of their belongings. They’ll need a place to store their toys, clothing, and other items. Most parents will satisfy this need by making the investment in a dresser and a few shelves. If you wish to think outside of the box and want to accommodate these needs with a more condensed solution, you should make the investment in the Twin Captains Bed. This product comes equipped with 6 fully functional drawers.

With 6 drawers, your child will have an ample amount of space for their clothing, so you can completely skip the dresser. The product also comes with a footboard storage door. The door itself is reversible. The drawers utilize a European roller glide, so they’ll open and close fluidly each and every time. Finally, this bed is equipped with a bookcase. This will provide your child with even more storage space.

Assembly Procedure

Many consumers will cringe at the thought of having to assemble a piece of furniture. Unfortunately, a lot of furniture is simply obnoxious to put together. The good news is that this will not be a problem with the Discovery World Furniture Twin Captains Bed. The bed includes everything you need to complete the assembly process, besides the tools and a mattress. You will also be provided with easy-to-follow instructions, which will guide you from the start to finish.

This helps to make the process substantially easier. It should also be known that some of the components, such as the headboard, bookcase, and drawers, will arrive pre-assembled. Truly, you will be able to get this bed put together fairly easily. However, it is slightly bulky and a little bit heavy. Therefore, you will want assistance toting the package around! Otherwise, you should be able to complete the assembly process on your own.

The package also includes the slat kit. Therefore, the bed will be ready for the mattress, as soon as the assembly process has been completed!

Honey finish assembly

Desk, Chair And Hutch

When you invest in the Discovery World Furniture Captains Bed, you will receive a beautiful student desk, chair and hutch. All of these furniture items are constructed out of solid wood to ensure stability and durability. The desk measures in at 45” W X 23” D X 30” H, with an additional 5” in height for the hutch. The hutch is 9” in depth, so it will not bog up the space on the desk. The desk has one solid long drawer, with two handles for storing ink pens, cables, paper and small electronics.

The chair will also come in handy, when the child gets old enough to start learning their alphabet and numbers. It is also constructed out of solid wood that has been sanded down to eliminate splinters and sharp edges. The seat of the chair sits 18 inches off of the floor, making it suitable for older children and adolescents. The back of the chair from the floor up measures 34 inches, with a 17” W and 18” D.

Rich Honey Lacquer Finish

When it comes to a child’s room, every parent stresses out about the design and furniture. You probably don’t have any idea what color to paint the walls or what pictures to hang on them. Give your child’s room a unique spin with the Discovery World Furniture Twin Captain Bed. The bed is coated in a very unique rich honey lacquer finish. Not only does this finish looks amazing, but it also brings huge durability to the table. Most porches and decks are coated in a lacquer finish, when the construction process is complete to help protect against the nasty weather elements. If a lacquer finish can protect wood products that are stored outside, just imagine how much durability it can bring to wood products that are stored indoors.

Of course, every child has accidents, bumps into things, and scuffs tuff up, but with the lacquer finish you can really rest assured that the bed would hold its truly unique look until the end of time.

Honey finish captains bed

Solid Wood Construction

Another amazing factor about this unique product is that it is constructed with solid wood. Other beds and products use cheap, knock-off woods that don’t hold the same integrity and properties as solid wood. However, the bed, along with all the other products is constructed of a very durable sold wood.

Built To Last With Safety In Mind

Not only does the solid wood construction contribute to the durability of this amazing bed, but also you never have to worry about the bed falling apart. All the drawers are designed to slide in and out with ease. You never have to worry about pinching your fingers or pulling the drawers out too far during operation. Along with all of this, the drawers include recessed handles. This means there aren’t any pesky knobs or handles that sticking that are only a potential for catching your legs.

Twin honey finish


  • Solid wood construction is built to last
  • Includes the bed, desk, hutch, and chair
  • Comes with the slat kit
  • Ready for the mattress, after assembly is completed
  • Very sleek honey finish will please most
  • Offers plenty of storage space
  • Assembly process isn’t too difficult
  • Storage door is reversible


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Bottoms of the drawers could be thicker


Overall Assessment

All in all, this combination kit is definitely a good investment for lots of parents. The honey finish is downright gorgeous and will look amazing alongside the rest of your child’s furniture. Plus, the kit includes everything you need and then some. For the price, this bed and the accompanying accessories are ultimately a great bargain.

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