An Unbiased Review Of The Bedz King Captains Bed

Parents in this day and age will have an abundance of things to consider, when looking for a good bed. Safety, comfort and style will be three things that cannot be ignored. Some beds will be great in one category, but they’ll fall short in the others. It is often difficult, if not impossible, to find a bed that truly excels in each category. However, the Bedz King Captains Bed does the impossible. This bed is truly well-rounded and satisfies in all major areas. It is incredibly sleek and offers a wealth of storage options.

While the bed is definitely affordable, it will still withstand the test of time and serve your child, until they outgrow it. Below, you will learn more about this product.

Incredibly Safe

When it comes down to it, safety should truly be a top priority. If you fail to make the right choice in this category, your child may become seriously injured. The good news is that the Bedz King Bed is designed in the safest manner possible. The company has put in a tremendous amount of effort to make sure that this bed will not pose any safety risks whatsoever. First and foremost, the finish is non-toxic and child-safe. Also, it should be known that the wood has been sanded perfectly to completely eliminate the potential for splinted.

The smooth coating helps to prevent splinters and cracks. This should provide you with the peace of mind you deserve and need to sleep soundly throughout the night.

Bedz King Captains bed

Straightforward Assembly

Honestly, all furniture is somewhat difficult to assemble. This is one of the most frightening aspects of purchasing a new piece of furniture. A lot of pieces will take hours and hours to assemble and you may even find yourself running out to the hardware store for replacement or missing hardware. Thankfully, you won’t experience any of these problems with the Bedz King Captain’s Bed. This is true, because the company includes everything you need to get the job done quickly and conveniently. The product comes with all of the necessary hardware. Therefore, you won’t need to make a trip to the hardware store in between stops.

At the same time, this product comes with comprehensive and easily understandable instructions. You’ll have an easy time moving from one step to the next. Before you know it, the entire assembly process will be completed and your child will be resting comfortably in their new bed!

Roll Out Trundle Bed

There are times when every child wants his friends to spend the night. This can be a problem if you don’t have a guest room or the extra space in your child’s room. However, the Bedz King Captains Bed is the ultimate solution to this problem. With the roll-out trundle bed, it is like you are actually buying two beds in one. The easy to roll out trundle bed provides an extra an extra sleeping place for any child. The trundle is 12 inches off the floor, while the twin bed is 23 inches off the floor.

The measurements of the trundle bed are 74 inches long x 41 inches wide x 10 inches high. The trundle bed is capable of holding a 9-inch mattress, which will provide extreme comfort. Once you are done using the bed you can simply push it back into the bed and transform the whole set back into just one bed. This is also a great solution if you have two kids that are sharing a room. Not only does the bed provide an extra sleeping space, but it also conserves room, because you can simply roll the trundle bed back up when you are done using it, which provides more space in the room.

trundle extended

Solid Construction

When you purchase the Captains bed, you can rest assured that you are making a good investment. After all, when someone buys a bed they want it to last until the child outgrows it. This is why the Captains Bed doesn’t use any particleboard and is only constructed of solid Brazilian pine. Solid Brazilian pine is some of the most durable wood that you will find on the market, ensuring complete durability and stability throughout the entirety of its use. You will never have to worry about the wood warping or giving out even after years of use.

Bed with no mattress

Additional Storage Space

Children have a lot of accessories and clothing, so additional storage never hurts. The Bedz King Captains Bed is equipped with three large drawers, which are stored underneath the trundle. The drawers are equipped with heavy-duty metal guides to prevent the units from coming off the track. Each drawer, when fully assembled measures in at 21” W X 19” D X 6” H, which is slightly larger than the average drawer.

The drawer is also equipped with a small handle, which will fit perfectly into the child’s hand. The handle is small, so it will not stick out and become a safety hazard. The drawers slide inwards and outwards smoothly, so they are hidden out of view when not in use.

Perfect Height For Older Children

When your child is ready to graduate from the crib to a twin bed, you will want to invest in a bed that is not high off the ground. The Bedz King Captains Bed is perfect for older children, with a bed height of 23 inches. While is slightly a little too higher than other models, parents may want to keep their little ones in the crib until they are 2 years old. You may also want to consider investing in a universal guard rail.


  • Includes a twin-size bed and twin trundle
  • Features 3 spacious storage drawers
  • Finishes are all child safe
  • Wood has been sanded for added safety
  • Smooth coated wood is completely safe
  • Includes required hardware and instructions
  • Made from Brazilian pine and no particle board
  • Very clean and cool gray finish


  • A little high off of the ground
  • Somewhat heavy for the size


Overall Assessment

Despite a few minor cons, the Bedz King Captain’s Bed will still prove to be a great investment. The bed is very durable and is designed with safety as a top priority. This ensures your child will remain safe, while you’ll be able to sleep soundly the night. If you want a beautiful bed that won’t sway back and forth, this one is well worth checking out in greater detail.

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