Best Food Processor For Vegans – PERFECT Unit Found!!!

Vegans are required to stick with a very strict diet. This is no secret. Any vegan can benefit immensely by investing in and using a good processor. Of course, it can be very difficult to find the best food processor for vegans. After all, there are tons of models out there. How are you going to know which one is right for you? While it depends on your own unique preferences, there is a pretty good chance that the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor is going to satisfy you. This unit has all of the features that you could want and it delivers plenty of benefits.

So, why could it very well be the best food processor for vegans? You’re going to find out in the in-depth review below.

Notable Specifications

  • Capacity of 14 cups
  • Features brushed stainless steel
  • 720 watts of power
  • Has an extra-large feed tube
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Dimensions – 16.6 by 12.6 by 9.3 inches


In order to process those tough foods, you need to make sure that you have a processor with a powerful motor. If the motor is weak, you’re going to find yourself disappointed before you know it. The unit will get bogged down and it may not be able to process those tough foods. Vegans love kale, yet it can be very hard. Therefore, you need a powerful processor like the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY. This unit is equipped with a 720-watt motor.

It should be able to process even the toughest of foods. If you intend to process kale and other tough items, this processor will be idea for you.

Huge Capacity

To ensure that you’re able to keep working with limited delays, you need a processor with a big capacity. Otherwise, you’re going to be stopping frequently to empty the container. With the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to keep working from start to finish. This is one of the reasons that it is the very best food processor for vegans. After all, it has a 14-cup capacity. The bowl is capable of holding a lot of ingredients. In fact, the capacity is far bigger than what you would get with some of the alternatives.

Huge Feed Tube

Most processors come with a very small feed tube. This means that you’re going to be forced to cut up the foods in advance. Otherwise, they’re not going to fit into the tube. Wouldn’t you like to skip this hassle for good? If the answer is yes, you really need to check out the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY. This unit is equipped with one of the biggest feed tubes on the planet. It is capable of accepting whole vegetables and fruits. When you equip yourself with this processor, you will not have to worry about chopping up the fruits and vegetables ahead of time.

Straightforward Operation

Some food processors are equipped with too many features and settings. Added settings can be great, but they can also be very confusing. You probably want to avoid the hassle. If this is the case, you want the most straightforward operation possible. This is why you’ll want to add the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY to your list of potential investments. This unit is not going to cause you any confusion whatsoever. After all, there are only two buttons. One starts the unit and the other one turns it off.

It might seem basic, but this will make your life easier.

No Reason To Hide

It is sadly true that many food processors are hideous. In fact, they’re so ugly that they need to be hidden out of sight when they’re not in use. How would you like a very sleek processor that can be left on your countertop for good? If the answer is yes, you’ll definitely want to invest in the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY. This unit is very cool in terms of appearance. Plus, it is available in tons of unique colors. The consumer will be able to choose from silver, white, black, copper and many more.

When you buy this processor, you can leave it on your counter for good. It won’t create an eyesore.

Stainless Steel

You should also know that this unit is equipped with many stainless-steel components. For instance, this product has a stainless-steel blade, shredding disc and slicing disc. Stainless-steel offers a handful of benefits. The material is very strong. You never have to worry about something goes wrong with the blades. At the same time, the material is very sharp. You can guarantee that the blade and disc will have an easy time slicing through your foods. The blade and discs will remain sharp for many years to come.


It is vital to protect your investment. The only problem is that you’re taking a risk anytime you buy a product. Sadly, a lot of processors only come with a 1-year warranty. This offers some protection, but that protection is greatly limited. This is yet another reason that you should think about adding the Cuisinart to your collection. It offers an extended warranty of 3 years! This is yet another big reason that this is the best food processor for vegans. Cuisinart offers great customer services. You can guarantee that you will not face any resistance when trying to rectify issues covered by the warranty.


  • Protected for 3 years
  • Surprisingly easy to clean
  • Gets the job done quicker
  • Excellent for vegans
  • Motor is powerful, yet quiet
  • Capable of doing it all
  • Simple operation
  • Delivers precise and professional results


  • Not the best for dough
  • Bowl and lid may be faulty

Overall Assessment

The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY Processor is great for many reasons. It isn’t flawless, but it is still pretty amazing. Just remember that this unit is not the best for dough. As a vegan, that probably won’t matter too much to you. If you want a luxurious processor that is going to last for many years, this one cannot be ignored. It’ll get the job done right and provide you with delicious vegan dishes. Be sure to check it out for yourself right now!

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